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Search website About Us We strive to provide the best possible after hours medical care for you


myDrNow offers high quality after hours medical care when you require medical attention and your regular GP is not available. We see any medical complaints for both children and adults that require urgent medical assessment after hours, including:

We can provide sick certificates, medications and prescriptions as clinically appropriate. Our team of doctors are equipped with common medications required for urgent medical consults such as antibiotics, anti-nausea medications and simple analgesics. They also carry basic dressing kits for wounds and minor injuries. If necessary, they will try to provide enough medication to last you until the next day, and provide a script for you to get further doses.

We do not see patients who need emergency services, such as those having chest pains, lost of consciousness, severe bleeding. Please dial 000 for emergency services.

Our call centre staff receives on-going training to better serve you. After taking your call, they might book you to see one of our doctors working near you or refer you to an emergency service, or even refer you to your regular GP when appropriate. The calls will then be dispatched to the doctors. Our doctors will prioritise the calls they receive based on the clinical needs and also their location. Most patients should be seen within 2 hours of confirmed bookings (i.e. after the call centre has confirmed a call).

All of our doctors are fully qualified. They must have 3 or more years of clinical experience, and are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. Our medical director is a fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioner and provides supervision for other medical practitioners. We provide the latest health updates and guidelines to our doctors to ensure the best patient's outcome. We also hold regular meetings and provide continuous professional development activities to all the doctors working for us. Clinical audits are performed regularly to ensure quality of medical care, and also to improve our process in delivering healthcare to you and your loved ones.


We bulk bill all patients with Medicare or DVA cards, so please have your Medicare or DVA card with you when you call us and when we visit. Our team of qualified and experienced doctors will attend to you in the comfort of your own home. We also provide after hours medical consultations at aged care facilities. We strive to help all patients and will consult at hotels or other public venues if needed for travellers. Patients who do not hold a Medicare or DVA card will be required to pay a fee between $130-$153. Please ask for a receipt to claim from your travel insurance, or your overseas health cover (OSHC) provider. We are working with insurers to simplify the process for OSHC patients.


myDrNow is an after hours home doctor visit practice started and managed by the doctors. We aim to provide the most conducive environment for the doctors to provide the best care to you and your loved ones. Our patients are our priority.


MyDrNow complies with privacy legislation of both Commonwealth and state. We keep all your information strictly private and confidential. No private information will be shared, except as required by law. If you have further concerns, please feel free to use our contacts page to request for our detailed privacy policy.